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Gel-Trigger 12 GS  - Asics
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Gel-Trigger 12 GS - Asics

The kids GEL-TRIGGER 12 TX Grade School is a popular choice for grade school athletes who love to play turf sports. It features an excellent level of grip and cushioning suitable for cricket, hockey, touch football and more. The tough, resilient outsole provides all the traction kids need on soft surfaces. The midsole construction offers stability and support, making it a great option for kids who struggle with overpronation, when their feet tend to roll inwards. For added comfort and cushioning, this shoe includes rearfoot GEL technology which provides shock absorption and reduces pressure on the joints.

All these performance technologies are packed into a contemporary design, featuring an improved upper fit for reduced friction. It's a seriously good addition to any young player's training outfit.

Sizing is US Youth
Price: $129.90
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